About Us

Our Founding

Comical Shirt was founded by a group of friends who like to see the humor in everything and express it! Like you, our founders loved funny (and sometimes inappropriate) tee shirts and wanted to get involved in making them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a smile to our customers with a large selection of funny and inspirational shirts. We believe in the freedom to express yourself and what better way to do so then with one of our shirts! We strive to provide our products at a fair price and backed by our guarantees and our commitment to quality. All of our items are backed by our Free Returns and Exchanges policy and our Quality Guarantee.

Printed and shipped from our facility in the USA

All our products are printed and shipped directly from our facility located in Marlin, Texas. We take pride in the fact we print all our shirts in-house to ensure a level of quality we'd like our customers to see.

Safe and Secure shopping experience

This website (and shopping cart) has been designed with security in mind. Our site makes use of secure encrypted browsing sessions to ensure your sensitive information is safe.